Hakusturu is the best-selling sake producer across Japan. Their promotional activities, however, are not confined to Japan and extend overseas. People around the world enjoy the fine taste of their sake, which is now exported to over 50 countries. Nada has been home for Hakutsuru since 1743 when founder Mr. Jihei Kano began making sake. The location is exceptionally well suited for making Japan’s finest sake because of the confluence of four geographic elements: locally grown sake rice, first-rate natural spring water, cold winds from the Rokkō mountains and a Toji brewing culture more than a thousand years strong.

Brand Assets

Product Assets

Awa Yuki Sparkling

Chika Sake Cup

Dai Ginjo

Draft Junmai Namachozo

Excellent Junmai

Nigori Yuzushu

Nishiki Junmai Daiginjo

Organic Junmai

Sayuri Nigori

Sho-Une Junmai Dai Ginjo

Superior Junmai Ginjo

Tokubestu Yamada Nishiki

Umeshu Genshu

Yamada Ho

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